Creating A Digital Art Series — Multiple Paintings A Day

My Secret To High Productivity

Love Attacked
Persisting Pain

These are two of the paintings I am posting today. I am posting about 4 new paintings per day this week but creating several more each to keep up a posting schedule while on vacation next week. My secret to creating lots of paintings per day is to create several draft paintings that I can quickly combine as layers to create final paintings.

By changing any of the following, hundreds of combinations are available from just a few draft paintings

Layer Order

Cropping of each layer

Blend mode of each layer

Filter effects of individual layers

Filter effects of the combined image

If you are a detail or realistic artist, these methods may not work for you, but as an abstract artist more interested in producing a huge variety of interesting images, this is the way I love to paint.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,,

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  1. the colours and inky effect are terrific.

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