Announcing the Best of February 2018 Online Show

My favorite paintings of February, previewed here and on display at

Detail Appreciation vs Gaining The Overview

It is hard to display both the detail and the overview. My wife and I have two different approaches to life. When we go to a huge museum I am driven to see as much of the works on display as possible in the available time. I may never have the chance to return and want to get the overview of what is there. My wife, on the other hand is a detail person. She enjoys soaking in every detail of the paintings or objects on display and reading all the placards describing the work. She loves the stories behind each object.

So as my instagram account grows followers, I quickly flip through the top half of the new postings liking and commenting on a split second impression. She does not see what enjoyment I can possibly get out of such a cursory view. And I am still frustrated, unable to take in all the available rich views of the day and still having time left over to continue with my own creations.

The Overview of My February Favorites Show

Providing you with a collage here gives you the overview of my painting style and offerings but tends to hide the detail of each image due to the compressed display. In order to see the details I also will provide a link to the online show below so you can examine any or all image at full screen resolution.

Visit to see full screen resolutions of these.

Details Below – Detailed Images at The Below Link

Below are the titles and dimensions of each digital painting. I offer any of these as a digital file for $10 each, but encourage collectors to subscribe to my monthly offerings at greatly reduced cost via my website. The stated size is the recommended maximum to print at high resolution. Nearly all will print at 8×10, 11×14 etc. You just have to choose the crop when ordering. If you have a Costco or Walgreens near you, order a print online. But for high quality use an online printer such as or who offer hundreds of options for printing on many different materials and included framing options.

Titles and Maximum Size for High Resolution Printing

Rugged Realism 40×30″

Chi Circulation 17×21″

New Day In The Morning 31×40″

Erasure Dance 17×21″

Kitchen Window Wonders 17×21″

Joy and Laughter 32×23″

Snow Vision 17×21″

Falling Leaf 13×16″

Oneness Tapestry 30×50″

Ephemeral 17×21″

Rags 2 Riches 30×50″

Snow Flowers 25×40″

Heaven Insight 21×37″

Heavy Bubbler 40×30″

Outrunning Wisdom 26×40″

The Snow West 26×40″

Shatter 17×21″

Nefertiti 17×21″

Ski Gear 40×30″

Cloud Dine 40×30″

Peace Bringer 31×40″

Back To The Slopes 31×40″

Mystic Streak 30×40″

Following The Crowd 30×40″

Modeled Stone 40×40″

Rugged Realism 40×30″

Topographic Trials 17×21″

Proud 21×17″

Special Offer

If you have read this far, you are truly amazing! Thanks. For the first 5 people who want to test out printing their favorite of any of the above, I will email you your choice image for $5.

Alternately I can drop ship the printed, mounted image at your choice of optional sizing and mounting for $5 plus $25 shipping and handling and the actual cost of printing (to be determined base on the size that will fit your wall and what kind of material you want it printed on. Canvas would be a good choice as you could hang it without a frame.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,

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