Viewer’s Choice Paintings

Artist Choice vs Viewers Choice

I create a gallery of my favorite paintings at the end of each month showing my favorites for the month. The odd thing is that you all have different preferrences than I do. And no ten of you will probably agree on which amoung 10 paintins is your favorite. Today I will share the paintings that got the most comments during January from my Instagram Followers. All of these got at least 4 comments [some comments could have been criticisms or my replies or subsequent comments]

The number of likes I get per painting seems to constantly increase simply because I have more followers, so I chose the 18 paintings that have the most comments for this selection. All of them had 30 likes or more. The most likes were 82 and the least were 32 at the time I gathered this information.

Subscription Downloads

As some of  you know, I am trying solve the blank wall syndrom of new home owners and businesses who have a limited budget but like abstracts by offering subscriptions to paintings allowing them to choose a painting of their choice, print, mount and frame it locally to bypass the more expensive option of me having an huge inventory of unsold paintings and high mailing and storage costs. Additionally collectors get to make the mounting and framing choices that meets their esthetic and budget. I tend to print and mount on foam board without framing to keep the costs down.

I will include some of these 18 in my free download offerings for subscribers to my email as an inducementin the future to comment on the paintings that you like the most on Instagram.

The Painting Names and Dates are shown below the actual images.

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SKU Name DateCreated
4090 The Universe Looks Back 01/08/2018
4091 Proven To Meld 01/08/2018
4093 Recaptured Glow 01/08/2018
4098 Hurricane 01/09/2018
4102 Passage Through Time 01/09/2018
4111 Birthday Suit 01/10/2018
4145 Sparkle Effortlessly 01/15/2018
4151 Neon Wonderland 01/15/2018
4161 Moonrise 01/17/2018
4173 Artichoke 01/18/2018
4176 Fish 01/18/2018
4179 New Car Shine 01/19/2018
4180 Purple Perspecive 01/19/2018
4187 Loco Bump 01/20/2018
4191 Resisting Rainbows 01/21/2018
4226 Quilted 01/26/2018
4229 Loving 01/27/2018
4236 Pathway Circles 01/28/2018

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