Subscription Art Images Solves the Blank Wall Low Budget Problem


Announcing the opening of my Best of January online Gallery Show.

Each month I select what I think are the best images of the month. This month I chose 39 paintings (about 17%) to highlight. As you noted from the previous post, viewers and I do not agree on what constitutes my best paintings. So you may want to continue following my daily sharing of images to see the paintings that get ignored in my selection.

Best Paintings of January 2018 by Joel Bowers
An example of the paintings available in the Best of January 2018 gallery and show. Go to my website to see full sized versions of these.

Here is the link to see the show.

Subscription Art Images Solves the Blank Wall Low Budget Problem

I am working toward solving the Blank wall and low budget problem for new home owners and businesses who might like the contemporary and abstract style of my work.

My vision is to allow patrons to select from a large number of new paintings per month and print the ones they would like to mount or frame and hang.  The savings in labor and shipping for me gives my patrons a terrifice deal if they like my work. Digital prints at Costco run from about $2 for an 8×10 to about $20 for a 20×60 print.

If you already have a frame to suit any of their sizes, you can simply replace the print as often as desired without investing hundreds of dollars.

My prescription prices are starting super low to see if I can get users excited about this concept. As the volume of subscribers grows I plan to increase my current subscription pricing which now averages about $1 per painting per month. Users choose if they want access to any number of paintings and can subscribe month by month. I price my paintings at about $100 each in smaller sizes when I have them printed and sell them at a show.

The current pricing and details are explained at .

Current options for you to download, print, mount and frame locally are:

$2/Month =  2 Painting Files / month

$5/Month = 5 Painting Files / month

$10/Month = 10 Painting Files / month

$25/Month = 25 Painting Files / month (usually the entire best of last month show)

$50/Month = continuous access to my most recent 200 paintings.

$100/Month = continuous access to my most recent 400 paintings.


You tell me what you want and make a one time payment. We can work out the details by email.

Credit cards are charged at the beginning of each month. Pricing and structure is subject to change as I gain experience and subscribers.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,

Sign up for a few free painting samples here

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