I Love These Slide Show Overviews

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The slide show view gives you a good chance to see a lot more of my paintings without spending too much of your time. If one of these catches your interest and you want to observe it in larger scale or for a longer time, these are always the first to show when you view my web site at www.RisingRims.com. All of my paintings are digital and I am trying to find a way to get your choice into your hands at an unbelievably low price before I become too popular to transact business this way. My current approach is to sell you a subscription to download and print the files yourself. I am interested in your feedback especially if you have ideas for a better way to market more than 1000 images per year. To find out more about my current subscription choices visit www.patreon.com/joelbowers

I am the type that flys through a museum because I don’t want to miss any of the exhibit. Of course in the process I miss the close examination and appreciation of nearly every piece because I take so little time to observe each one. So I am in the habit of forming a quick impression and taking a little inspiration away with me. But this is probably not the way to approach art appreciation or in depth study. During my working life I decribed myself as the 20,000 foot sort who loved the overview and didn’t feel a pull to deal with every detail. I expect some of this attitude shows in the my work.

But life is so full of demands on our time, that I feel my approach is not all that bad. I guess it is the approach of a generalist rather than a specialist. I may change my habits a bit now that I am more into creating abstract art.

I am totally baffled how so many people can use up so large a percentage of life living someone elses dream. Whether that is a piece of art, a movie, a television show or a commercial.

Ok, I am an oddball. I admit it. But it takes all kinds, right.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his www.risingrims.com Web site and to social media such as instagram.com/risingAbstracts, facebook.com/joelmbowers ,risingrims.blog, twitter.com/jmbisdoing, medium.com/@risingrims

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