This is GLITTERARY, my favorite painting of the day, the week, the year, and possibly my career!

You can read more about coming up with the Glitterary title on my blog.

You can see the rest of todays efforts in my weekly gallery which contains all of the 40 plus paintings created this week. Todays or most recent are always at the top.

Social Media Activities And Learning

I met today with Tammy Zemliska and David McCauley of to share experience about social media and to learn from each other.They have a new building which meets city code to conduct their classes, and Maker Space activities  at 1702 1st Ave N. The discussion was helpful in motivating me to come up with a better way to evolve into  successful social media campaigns and posting plans.

My social media posting schedule is a little bit like a circus. I have been treating it like I treat my paintings, an excuse to explore different tools. I have been in a constant state of flux over which sites to use, what to post and on what schedule. I have learned a little by this process of trial and error, but not as much as from reading some recent books about blogging and about Instagram posting by experienced authors.

I will write about it more when I have settled into a better working system. I will at least reduce the number of places I try to post frequently. I think there are about 12 now that I like to hit frequently and a total of 24 I like to visit (and I have recently dropped a couple I was posting to daily). My trial and error approach is the way I like to approach life, so it is not all bad. I learn a little then move on to something else and learn some more.  Learning is good!

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