Curation Conundrums (Best of Jan 2018)

It is getting close to the end of the month and time to start picking the best of the month show. Previously I chose the best from each day. That creates too many images for most viewers to appreciate.

This month I am going to try something different to weed out the better quality images only. I am starting to find the best few images per week. I will allow more than 2 per week but shoot for less than 8 total images for the month. I think this will provide a lot more value than dumping a bunch of average paintings here that most will never see and won’t have time to wade through.

Here are my preliminary 5 choices for week one.  Can you help me narrow this down to the best two by your comments? I tend to like #1,#2 & #4 best (top to bottom, left to right).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,

Would you like to download some of my full resolution paintings for free?


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