Sunday January 21 Paintings & 1340Art Opportunity

  • The Pathway 17×21″
  • Rainbow Dreams 7×12″
  • Dream Time 17×21″
  • Over The Edge 17×21″
  • Gargoyles 20×15″
  • The Pathway 17×21″

Fine Tuning

When I take the time to let these paintings age over night and find tune them the next day, I am a lot happier with the results. I need to stop messing with them at night because the lighting is so different. It is easy to make things worse rather than better when your equipment tries to protect your melatonin by turning the blue light down at night.

4191_r1.dreamy.cloudless4192_vibrant.saladSwirl4193_r2SaladFish4194_perspectiveColorShapes4195_rGuess14196_Rperspective Affine Purple

I hope you have had a good week and have had some time to look at some artwork.

A New Opportunity

I got an unsolicited request to submit one of the pieces I posted to Instagram to this magazine. Today they notified me that I had been juried in.

“Hi Joel,

I have some good news for you about the art you submitted a few days ago:  our jury reviewed your work and you have officially been preselected for our magazine opportunity (based on your Instagram submission).

This means you entered the next and final selection-round of our competition, to be featured in the printed version of our Q2 edition of 1340ART MAGAZINE (April 2018).

Can you send me more samples of your work using the form in the link below as soon as possible?”

Of course they want to charge me a fee for submitting my work. I wonder how many of these are scams and just ways to generate income. I hear that a lot of museums thrive on this type of income. But I wonder if an online magazine justifies this kind of expense?  Have any of you ever heard of 1340Art Magazine?

Looking at their web site I am pretty impressed that they represent invited artists and take no commission from the sale of art on their site.

Looking at the first couple pages of their digital galleries, I would think my work superior to some of what I see there. I wonder how much of that is my ego and taste vs actual ability to fairly judge among pieces of art. I hope I don’t get selected to jury any art exhibit any time soon.

Some classy statistics for 1340Art site:


Intelligent, edgy and informative, 1340Art Magazine is one of the leading publications for contemporary art and photography in the world. Since its founding, 1340Art Magazine has attracted a vast international audience by being known as a publication that always pushes boundaries. We look at the creative sector as an interdisciplinary whole; and as creatives, we draw our inspiration from a wide variety of sources.

Audience Figures

  • Total Audience 122,000
  • Magazine Print 21,000
  • Magazine Digital 24,000
  • Website 54,000 per month
  • Social Media 30,000


For each edition of our magazine we dedicate a select number pages to up and coming artists. 75% of our magazine is advertised content. Contact us for options and details. Ads start at $1200 (¼ page).

I hate to pay an entry fee and then just find out I have been selected to advertise at $1200 (1/4) page.

Wow. I think I will start worring about what to submit, not whether they are legitimate.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,

Would you like to download some of my full resolution paintings for free?

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