Refocusing on Value, Not Income, Quality, Not Quantity


What Do I Value

I have been working hard to becoming a “discovered” artist by my social network and blog posts. I may be approaching the wrong goals at the wrong time.

I am a retired computer geek who has recently discovered the joy of creating digital art instead of databases with my computers.

I am spending a disproportionate amount of time on writing blogs and posting to social media when I would rather be creating or learning and discovering ways that my art can provide value to my followers.

I changed my work flow this week so that I have more time to refine each painting and select what to post. I am trying to reduce the number of works that I post that are mediocre. I was allowing myself to be driven by a production quantity drive rather than a production quality drive.

If I were to become famous as an artist too soon I think it might give me less time to create and involve a lot more time interacting with collectors who want to get to know the artist personally. I am not ready to take too much time away from creating more paintings yet. I have a lot to learn.


I’ve decided to delay this mad rush to make my hobby into a business that becomes transactional rather than creative and almost spiritual as it is now. I will not turn down profits if opportunities arise, but I am refocusing on ways to may my painting beneficial for me and for my viewers.

I would love to make money with my art, but I am not ready to become famous.

Perhaps a bit of both posting to social media and gradually growing followers as well as creating more and learning more about art is the most logical path for me at this moment.

Here are todays paintings in slide show format.

Filtered 12×20″ Loco Light 10×12″ New Car Shine 17×21″ Purple Perspecive 17×21″ Obscured Structure 17×21″ Industry 12×16″ Filtering 12×20

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,

Would you like to download some of my full resolution paintings for free?


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