Going Out Of Your Mind – Become the Observer Of Your Mind

Every day is several new paintings here at Rising Rims Studios. I feel like there is value in sharing my artwork that is beyond entertainment value. I look at these image as a potential tool for viewers to find a little of the flow state that I find while I am creating them.

Our monkey minds are always so busy telling us what to think about the past and what to worry about in the future that we seldom are able to calm them and just appreciate the current moment. I suspect that many viewers with just dismiss these as being “Abstract” and something they prefer not to deal with ( sort of like I have felt about poetry for most of my life . . .”you mean I have to interpret what this means?”

But with poetry as with abstract painting you don’t have to analyze. You can just listen to the lyrical sounds of poetry without trying to understand the word meanings. You can let you eyes wander through the colors and forms of an abstract without assigning it a meaning. Just notice if it seems pleasing or not and move on.

To the extend you can release stereotyping judgement and can just look as something with a fresh eye, you are making spiritual progress getting outside the mind and becoming the observer of your mind. This can be a very calming practice.





Titles in order of appearance and maximum print sizes:

  • Fish 15×23″
  • Floral Texture 17×21″
  • Sea Horse 18×31″
  • Vegas 27×41″
  • Artichoke 21×17″
  • Pussy Cat 17×21″
  • Tearful Interaction 11×19″
  • Fish 15×23″

Full Resolution Digital File Download

Pick any of these files to download. You are buying my permission to replicated it for your personal use. Any of these files should print easily at 8×10″ and most will print at 10×14″ or larger. I will start listing the max print sizes as I post them. The introductory price of $1 per file will soon be increasing substantially. I will email you a download link to the files you choose once the payment is received.


Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his www.risingrims.com Web site and to social media such as instagram.com/risingAbstracts, facebook.com/joelmbowers ,jmba.wordpress.com, twitter.com/jmbisdoing, medium.com/@risingrims

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