Painting The Day -Wednesday January 17

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These are titled: Moonrise, Warm And Cozy, Phoenix, Resolute, High Plains, Inverse Reality, Sunset Garden, Duality

I love the song by David Walburn about The Ghost of Charley Russell painting each new Montana sky. So here is my painting the new Montana Day.

It was an interesting day. I resolved, starting yesterday, to publish only images that I thought were top quality. The problem with this resolution is that my judgement of the moment is usually different than my hindsight.

Part of the problem is that my monitor brightness varies. I turn it very bright when I am making choices and creating during the day time. But in the evening the monitor automatically adjusts brightness or I need to tone it down to protect my melatonin. What looks good at bright daytime monitor settings looks pretty mediocre at evening warmer monitor settings.

But there you have it. It us up to you and your monitor brightness and color settings now. I cannot set them to make these look good for you. If you also use the “night shift” sunset to sunrise setting on automatic, (an system monitor setting on Mac OSX) I think these paintings will look a bit drab in the evening. Go to bed and look at them in the daylight please.

Never hesitate to tell me what you think. Feedback is required to grow as an artist.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,

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