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Retaining Hope, Heart Felt, Glacial, Trees Growing Right, Trees Growing Left, Flare 4 Drama, Black Hole, Sea View

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Today I experimented with putting together a video showing how to order a print online from Walgreens and Costco. The process is going to be hard to get my average collector to learn without frustration. So I am rethinking my download only sales policy on Patreon. I am adding a feature to email a selected full resolution file to patrons above the $5 tier to make sure they can get the image that they really like.

My advice at this stage would be to take a picture on a USB memory stick to your favorite printer and give them the instructions to print it. If you are pretty fearless of computers ordering a print online is still quite possible.

If you are a digital artist, you will have no problem with a web online ordering site, but for those already intimidated by computers and bad software it would be a challenge.

Have any of you found an online ordering site that is pretty dead simple and provides good service?

I have ch


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