Can I Save You $50? or $100? or $1000?

One more day of photo edits – India Scenes.

Then I am back to creating abstracts from scratch. Todays postings are more standard edits except for the one obvious double exposure with the 4 seated men dwarfing the standing men beneath them. Some day I may learn to draw and create image which are reproductions of actual scenes.

Why Bother With Realism

My philosophy now is that any fool with a camera and editing software can create these scenes better than a painting. So why bother trying to paint them? My appologies to all photographers and painters who have way more talent than I and are making an enviable living publishing more realistic images.

Of course when we don’t have that kind of talent we all tend to come up with excuses why we don’t need that talent. I envy those with more talent, but I do not have the patience to spend too much time on an image. Perhaps I have undiagnosed ADD.

The titles of the above are:

Double Sunset, Sunset on The Godavari River, Godavari Bathers, Reverie At Sunset, Under Consideration, Planting Rice, Rice Paddy, Lunching Workers

I hope you enjoyed this little excursion into the representational world. Tomorrow it is back to the abstract. I promise.

Can I save you $50 – $1000?

A short word about supporting art and this lazy artist. I am getting to the age where it is not feasible for me to pay to print my work and solicit galleries to carry my paintings. So you are the winner as you will have access here on the Internet to grab my originals at incredibly low prices, print them at home or at your local printer, insert them into garage sale frames or high end frames  and mount them behind glass, have them mounted & coated or not by a printer. The end result is that if you buy my subscription service of $2 – $25/ month you will be awarded with 2 – 25 new originals per month.  You can print an 8×10 at Walgreens or Costco for less than $10.

So if you are into buying art for enjoyment and wall decoration, there is no longer a need for you to pay hundreds or thousands for a painting and use up that wall space for a lifetime because it is too dear to through away or pass down to a second hand user.

If you don’t want to choose from the images I select for your monthly subscription at my site, I will be offering single image downloads of your choice for $10 and packages of popular images for $5 each in packages of 5 or 10 for the moment. Due to the higher handling time and costs, I may have to charge even more for the non subscription options. Email me if you have questions or want to place an order.

You can sign yourself up for a subscription at or I can take your credit card or paypal for a special order.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,

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