Pixel Exploration With Photo Edits

A Varied Path

I love to take a different path or approach. This is not an approach recommended for an artist who is dependent on a group of existing collectors with same style expectations.

That is one of the advantages of being an unsung artist without a body of collectors. Or being independently retired so that Social Security will keep me from starving even with minimal art sales.

A Trip To India

Once in a while I like to “abstract” or modify photos I have taken. Todays photo edits are mostly double exposures of some photos I took a couple of years ago during our visit to a fairly remote village in Andrapredesh called Rajahmundry. We were there for a spiritual experience but were so sick with the flu we could hardly appreciate the scenery. We were favorably impressed the medical treatment I got there and the emergency room visit including drugs must have cost less than $25 US.


These photos were taken at sunset just before we entered the local temple to take part in a special 3 chambers process to help us with the awakening process. Awakening is a state where you worry less about the past and future and are able to more fully experience and enjoy the present moment. I will write more about that in future blogs.

Here are todays  2 paintings and 5 photo edits:

Floating Eggs
River And Rice Paddy Combined
Vibrant Rajahmundy
In The Spotlight
Contrasting Life

I  know. I know. I need to do a better job of curating and only share the cream of the crop with you. But I am just a new comer to this and still in love with too many of these images to not try to share them with you . I feel like a kid in kindergarten sharing my drawings with you, knowing that there is not enough room on the refrigerator door for you to display them all. But too excited not to expect you to appreciate them too.

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