The Death of Physical Art (in my life)

Graffiti Cheer, Graffiti Hulk, Hurricane, Seeing Red, Seeing Blue, Facing Up To It, Passage Through Time, Shedding Fears – guess which title goes to which painting. It doesn’t really matter, you can make up your own titles.

My Big Decision To Go All Digital

Yesterday was a big day for me. I feel guided to stop all efforts to sell physical prints of my digital painting originals. The way of the future is digital artwork and digital publishing.

Physical Art become expensive to produce, hard to store and hard to share widely. Of course some will continue to be guided by the notion that there art collections will increase in value and justify the expense as a good investment.

What do you value most, your investment or your experience?

I enjoy looking at physical artwork in Museums and on my walls, but where do I want to invest my budget as an art appreciator or as an artist.

The experience of exhibiting my work occasionally is enjoyable, but the costs of printing, travel and show fees just are not justified at this stage of my career.

As a consumer I want to save my money for travel to different museums rather than owning something that forever takes of some limited portion of my wall space.

I’m redoubling efforts to monetize my work via digital subscription.

I have been looking for patrons to support my work and trying to entice patronage with too little value and too much cost to me. My rewards were previously a physical mounted print ready to hang on your wall. The size and frequency of the prints were geared to my patrons monthly subscription.

Starting today my rewards have gone entirely digital and my patrons will now receive a link to full resolution downloads of their favorite pictures. They will have access to one painting per month for each dollar of their pledge. The tiers are currently $2, $5,$10 and $25 per month. They will be able to either print them themselves or have local printers like Walgreens print whatever size suits their fancy.

I will also be building a mailing list and offering different packages of downloads for a single paypal payment.

Mounting and Framing Choices

I was flummoxed by the infinite number of printing, mounting and framing choices in trying to offer my artwork in physical form. Now my patrons and collectors can choose to print on Canvas, Metal, Acrylic, Paper, Wood, etc and frame their choices as richly as they wish. My recommendation is to choose a standard size frame and just rotate the prints each month like having your own museum exhibit. There is even an optional mounting offered by BayPhoto that lets you attach different prints to the same frameless mounting called Xposer.

What about piracy?

Hopefully patrons and collectors will honor my wish to print only for their personal enjoyment. But if someone wants to pirate my prints and figures out a good way to make money from them, hopefully I will find out how and can also take that route.

Super Excited Automation Progress

I figured out how to do a landing page in the free version of MailChimp and automate adding someone to my mailing list. The automation then triggers a set of emails that will give access to an initial set of free downloads (currently 47 selected images from about 6 months ago). I will remind list subscribers monthly or quarterly what options they have to get more downloads.

If you want to experience my marketing automation visit this link. You can unsubscribe after downloading any paintings you like. Give me feedback about what might improve the experience.

I envision packaging sets of the best loved instagram images in bundles of $5 for 5 images, $10 for 10 images, etc.  Wish me luck.

Social Media Progress

I am convinced that instagram holds the most promise for me to share my work with the world, although I do post to a few other platforms.  I am most excited to watch my Instagram follower growth. I am typically followed by other artists and I follow them back.

Watching other talented artists post their work to Instagram is like visiting museums in several different countries every day. It give me tremendous inspiration.

If fact today my follows may reach 800. I just reached 700 last month.

So pumped! Thanks for reading and clapping for me here. This is another income stream I hope to grow if I can gain a following here of artists interested in the techniques I want to share.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,

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