My Business Of Art

Today I want to explain my WHY and WHAT.

Why I create and share art is pretty easy to explain. I love to create, always have and probably always will. Creating art digitally not only fulfills that drive, but also feeds my desire to be efficient and to leverage my work to benefit more people. Digital art creation can be very quick and inexpensive compared to buying paint and canvas and then waiting for paint to dry.  I have no problem storing several thousand pieces of unsold work.

My what is a little more nebulous right now. What I intend to do with my art includes selling some of my work.  I have not set up an easy mechanism on line to allow people to purchase from me. That is one of my immediate goals for 2018.

My WHAT also includes using my art to provide enjoyment to thousands, not just the handful of followers I have today. That requires that I cultivate a larger following. I am actively trying to grow my following on Instagram and other social media. This is another of my continuing goals for 2018. If you have followed me on Instagram I may have confused you. I renamed my Instagram feed from JMBOWERS to RISINGABSTACTS today. There were several other forms of jmbowers and people assumed my name was Jim. Rising Abstracts gives everyone a little better idea of what I am about. I may tinker more with this name in the future.

But underlying the above two goals, I would like to be an influence to help people. Of course I would like to play a part in “Saving The World” by helping to raise the consciousness of my followers. This part is super fuzzy to me know. I am waiting for a spark of the divine to direct this part of my work.

Enough about that. What paintings am I sharing with you today?


These are titled:

Meteoric, Monkey Life Savers, Planet Peril , Sunset Savers, Planet Light Saver, Last Light

I am concerned about the health of our climate and the coming hardships for the people of the planet. I don’t think there is too much I can do about it other than to try and clean up my act.

I aim to  live less of a “disposable” life.

I aim to be more aware of the how my existence effects others.

I aim to be more of a positive influence.

This list needs to grow, but first I need to grow in my awareness of how we are all one with all others and with the planet and beyond. We all share the same eventual destiny. Helping others in the broadest sense ends up helping me.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,



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