Happy New Year From Billings RisingRims

New Years Day

I think I have discovered and eliminated the bot that was auto-posting duplicates to my facebook feed for the last few months. I am a sucker for trying new things and sometimes the consequences are hard to unravel. 
For example I am writing this post in Paper.dropbox.com” which is a new experience for me. I have been looking more seriously at blogging tools to aid in my jmba.Wordpress.com postings and my @risingrims.medium.com postings. I have recently invested in MarsEdit on the recommendation of a few postings and some of my reading. It is not cheap, but has some advantages of being able to draft a post without Internet connection then automatically upload.
I am not very thrilled with the paintings I created to share with you today but will include a composite of them all here.
Lots to do today so I will not drone on.
I feel that 2018 will be a year to remember. I wish us all well in our paths to use it wisely.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his www.risingrims.com Web site and to social media such as instagram.com/jmbowers, facebook.com/joelmbowers ,jmba.wordpress.com, twitter.com/jmbisdoing, medium.com/@risingrims

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