A Banner Day

This Year

Yesterday I hit the  3900 image mark in my painting career and marked my 9th wedding anniversary. The first painting I created this year was number 1173 and today brings me to painting number 4019. So I am estimating my total at the end of this year will be close to 2900. Thats an average of 7 and 3/4 paintings a day for the year. If  you are following my math, I started counting at 100 in late January of 2016 to approximate early un-numbered efforts.

I have covered a lot of ground but in the two years since I started my digital painting career two years ago. I started later than most at age 71. I don’t have as many years to hone my skills as most artists. So I have to “make hay while the sun shines” as they say here in Montana. I have actually gained a few followers this year both here and in my other social media  posting frenzy.

This year I tried attracting patrons but have not succeeded yet in making that a viable income stream.

Next Year

I hope to put a little more effort into sales next year. I will be offering coated, mounted, ready to hang original prints in common sizes at several online test sites and will be working on a pricing scheme to make my are art affordable, yet valuable to all.


I am trying out a new app called MarsEdit for posting to my blog. There are some new things to learn here.

If I share many images, this offline app requires that I arrange them manually, but it is easier to add a bunch of full screen images. The images of the day are shown below along with the titles.

Heart Chart, Visual Pollution, Hi Rise Dizzy, Waikiki Sunrise, Weld, Fantasy Diptyche, Fantasy Diptyche, Pheasant

4012 circHeartChart joelBowers risingRims4013 circVintChart joelBowers risingRims

4014 HawaiiSwirl joelBowers risingRims4015 HiSunRiseHiRiseEdge joelBowers risingRims

4016 weld fantasy joelBowers risingRims4017 fantasy joelBowers risingRims

4018 fantasy2 joelBowers risingRims4019 counterFantasyPheasant joelBowers risingRims

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his http://www.risingrims.com Web site and to social media such as instagram.com/jmbowers, facebook.com/joelmbowers ,jmba.wordpress.com, twitter.com/jmbisdoing, medium.com/@risingrims

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