Why You Can Never Learn

You can only practice. Without patience practice, perseveranceand curiosity, you are self selecting to be less than your best.

A Taoist Tai Chi Example

I teach Tai Chi in Billings Montana. I came close to being one of the standard causalties. Most people who give it a try discover that it is harder for them to “learn” than it looks. Or they think they have learned it all and stop.

One of the cool things (and seldom understood principles) is that you can only practice, you never learn Tai Chi. As soon as you reach a certain stage of understanding, a whole new level opens up. And when you reach that next level there is still more to understand. It is like climbing an unending staircase.

I can never finish learning

My Artwork is very similar. I am coming to realize that I can never finish “learning” to create art. There is no point at which I can say I have learned how to produce good art. Because no matter how accomplished I become, I could always do better.

It is a little bit like hiking up a mountain and imagining that the next ridge is the summit. But one is repeatedly disappointed to find that there is yet another ridge to climb beyond the one you though was the top. But you cannot see the higher level until you reach the next to the highest level.

In hiking, one may actually reach the top, but in artistry skills you can never get to the top. There is always better. One can only practice, practice, practice, improve skills and learn more about tools and techniques.

One can, of course stagnate at whatever level they feel comfortable in Tai Chi as well as in their mastery of Art.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his www.risingrims.com web site and to social media such as instagram.com/jmbowers, facebook.com/joelmbowers ,jmba.wordpress.com, twitter.com/jmbisdoing, and here at medium.com/@risingrims

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