These Were Fun To Create

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Dancing Thrills, Champaigne, Waxing Bubbles, Clash, Outbreak, Outrage Controlled, Circular Armor


I have used Pixelmator in the past, but mostly for post processing rather than the initial creation process. These were all created in Pixelmator. It has some weird and amazing tools for post processing which I also used in creating them.

My Process:

These were created in Pixelmator,

Modified (post processed) with Pixlr,

Resized by Pixillion and

Batch processed for web viewing with Luminar 2018.

The last 3 parts of the process is my normal thing, but more often I use Sketchbook Pro, Artrage, Afinity Designer, Painter and a few others on the front end. Of course you have noticed that I sometimes start with a photo on the front end also.

I always love walking down new trails and exploring new tools. That is why I said they were fun to create. Most everything I create is fun at some point. Only occasionally I get stuck in a rut that is frustrating.

The slide show presentation is also nice for a change. Sometimes I just want to scroll to see all the pictures in an overview, but the slide show adds a little anticipation or suspense. My wife loves anticipation and can leave a wrapped gift untouched for days. My normal mode is to rip into a gift and minimize the anticipation.


Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as, ,,,


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