Paintings Are My Prayers

I have long thought that learning to pray in church using my native language was a little foolish. It was obvious to me that God understood feeling, not language. I am still focused on “Feeling” grateful, “Wanting” good health, clarity, and wealth. I believe that this way of praying is better (for me) than just saying words.

You should seek paths to prayer that are most meaningful and productive for you.

Creating images is my way of praying, or trying to communicate with my higher self.

That part of my self that is most likely in closer contact with the “All That Is” surely likes the same images that I like. In my simple way, creating my art is like an offering to my higher, God like, self (that part of me that is communicating directly with God). Hence it is also an offering or thanks to a God that I cannot comprehend.

Return From Way West, Rotation Realized, Floral Machinery, Esthetic Capture, Tropical Tour and  Mardi Gras shown below are todays prayers.

I know you might think that I should create images of the things I want to pray for, but I believe God already knows my needs and desires better than my own mind. So merely offering my gratitude in pictures is like praying to me.

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  1. kind of like sacred ritual eh?

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