Tension Tamers

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The titles of these paintings are: Waters, Holiday, Lava Light, Night Heat, Dream Cuddle,  and Dream Delivery

I hope you can take a minute and stretch as you watch these images go by wiping the stress out of your day for at least a moment. Tension and stress are the silent assassins that are so effective at killing our good health.

An Exercise to Reduce Stress in the Neck and Shoulders

As you review each painting above, please stand and stretch you head as high as can. Imagine a sky hook lifting your chest up, shoulders and chin back to the position it was in when you were young.

Next cross your arms in front of you and gradually push them forward as if you were going to open the curtains in front of you. Extend each arm out as far as it will go to the side. Rotate your thumbs down and gradually push your arms behind you keeping your shoulders comfortable but keeping the arms as high behind you as comfort allows. Now bring them back in front of you in the crossed position. One repetition per each of the above paintings.

Repeat this exercise once every hour to relieve tension in the neck and shoulder area brought on by too many hours at your computer keyboard.

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