Layering The Licentious Stretch

Himalayan Holiday, Daring Sonoma, Sonoma Sunset, Nosy, 3 Part Harmony, Slide

Ok, so the title of this post has little to do with the content. There is a lot of layering going on, but the licentious part is a bit of a stretch.

Improving Your Health Stretching Your Mind Body and Spirit

Speaking of stretching, I am going to feature a lot more stretching opportunities for my viewer. I am interested in helping you create a more balanced life and stretching your art appreciation as well as you body to remove some of it’s tension. Stay tuned.

I am noticing the simply sharing my new images daily is not a particularly strong attraction of views. So I will continue to search for the “secret sauce” that attracts more people to view and actually share my images.

My vision continues to be that I can help viewers to get out of their constant thoughts of the past and future and move into awareness of their present moment. You don’t have to be in love with my images to successfully move into the moment. And by moving your awareness into the moment, you extend your life (you add moments that are otherwise wasted in re-experiencing the past or worrying about the future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An Exercise to Reduce Stress in the Neck and Shoulders

As you watch this slide show, please stand and stretch you head as high as good posture will allow. Next cross your arms in front of you and gradually push them forward as if you were going to open the curtains in front of you.  Extend each are out as far as it will go to the side. Rotate your  thumbs down and gradually push your arms behind you keeping your shoulders comfortable but keeping the arms as high behind  you as comfort allows. Now bring them back in front of you in the crossed position.

Repeat this exercise once every hour to relieve tension in the neck and shoulder area brought on by too many hours at your computer keyboard.

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