Getting Saturated Again

Crimson Blessing, Grand Prize, Light Entrance, Tone It Down,

Tunnel Through, Winging It

Yesterday I had a moment of the unsaturated color. I am sure it will return, but for today I am up to my usual super saturated images. I may sometimes stretch an idea too far searching for what all it can become.

You can see that each of these have a similar eyebrow shape running through them. They are all siblings or at least cousins with just more layers of paint and altered realities and colors.

I read a wonderful quote by Jim Carey in a post by Jim Kwik. I cannot remember the exact words, but Jim was talking about how he felt he was helping people to forget their own worries while focusing on the wild antics of one of his truly unusual characters.

In a similar way, I hope my paintings help some people by taking them out of their worries and into the moment of observation (even if not totally enjoyed) and thus forgetting some of their trivial concerns.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his Web site and to social media such as

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