Love Spiritual Progress

3876_2VsplashT1_joelBowers.RisingRimsProviding Value & Self Improvement

As I grow older I keep returning to thoughts of how I can best spend my remaining years. I fortunately am retired and do not have to maintain regular working hours just to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly. 

I am not interested in spending the rest of my life as a couch potatoe and constant consumer of news, advertisements and political banter.

I think the best thing I can do is to improve myself (in a spiritual sort of way) and serve as a model for others to follow.

I do have a soft spot for improving our environment, and a few other social issues of today. 

Fighting Thoughts

I don’t believe in fighting to convince others that their 

3877_TrouperSplashV_joelBowers.RisingRimsviewpoints are wrong. I think the chance of anyone changing minds and  influencing mankind in a more humane and less destructive direction is very small with that approach.

I am a believer that if more of us become more aware of our selves, our spiritual nature, our thoughts. and our love for self and others, some of the big and otherwise unsolvable issues may actually be solved.


Some people call this raising consciousness or “awakening” mankind. I feel that I have progressed along this path of improved awareness a lot   in the last 5 years. Partly due to a couple 30 day meditation/yoga courses in India.

But I also realize how little I know and how limited my skills are. 

So I have chosen to take the path of creating artwork with a positive message. I hope it may be possible to give people a reason to look at their world in an entertaining and interesting way that may lead them to more positive paths.3879_Motivation_joelBowers.RisingRims

I admit that I am a long way from my dreams, but I have to start some where. When I become an artist of influence I may have more ability to influenced the views of others. 


3880_Strength2Resist_joelBowers.RisingRimsI think we can not so much change people as offer a model behavior that they may become interested in.

When we can become free of our own hangups, limiting beliefs and biases, we can lead a more stress free, fulfilling live. The change in ourselves, if significant, becomes evident to others and they see the value in improving their own lives.



If you indeed change yourself to live a better life, others will notice and be interested in following in your footsteps.


The net affect will be raising the consciousness of many and the ability of the whole world to get along and solve problems together.


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