Evolution vs Creationism in Painting

If you have been following me a while you will have noticed that some of my images seem to evolve while others are completely different than the previous postings.

This is the evolution vs creationism theory of painting in action. Some paintings just seem to demand fiddling with some more before I completely let them go to work on new material. It becomes so very easy to just make a change or two and call it a different painting.

But after a short while the similarity among paintings gets to be boring, even to the creator. That is a signal that it is time to again start from scratch.

I picture the same thing happening in the world of plants animals and even among us humans. The creation or evolution force (whichever you believe in or both) continue along their merry way creating enough similar grasses until they are absolutely tired of grasses and move on to flowering plants. Or similarly creating similar looking humans with features you could swear you have seen before, but then getting tired of that similar feature set and moving on to a uniquely new and different looking set of features.

Well I guess that is not my deep philosophical opinion, but it is fun to draw a parallel and speculate occasionally as long as you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Joel Bowers is a digital artist publishing daily to his www.risingrims.com Web site and to social media such as






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