Do These Make My Ass Look Fat?

How our brain’s always gives us what it thinks we want. Two of days paintings reminded me of the North American obsession with the width of one’s butt. These paintings brought a comical incident to mind.


When we lived in Costa Rica and were just starting to learn Spanish, a local family asked my wife what the English words on a tee shirt meant in Spanish. The shirt said “Does This Diaper Make My Butt Look Fat”. At the time she understood the question, but she didn’t know the word for diaper or for butt. So she tried to mime the definition without apparent success.

Perhaps the concern with the width of the butt does not extend to all western cultures.


The Body

The human body and our attitudes about bodily shape and functions are used a lot in comedy routines to ridicule, judge, and make fun of ourselves and others. It is very important to use constructive words in our self talk about our bodies or anything else.


The Brain

If we hate exercise our brain will do everything in it’s power to prevent us finding or taking the time to exercise. If we love the body shaping effect of exercise, our brain with give us extra motivation to exercise more.

Our brains always try to help us accomplish what we tell it with our self talk.

Negative vs Positive Direction


Be careful what you wish for and how you communicate your wishes to your brain in your self talk. If you use a lot of negative words, your brain concentrates on the negative issues you mention and helps to to avoid pain the best way it can. Sometimes this can make you physically ill or worse. And may move you farther away from where you actually want to be.

If you use positive words in your self talk, your brain will do it’s best to help you accomplish the things you say you love.

What Kind of Words Do You Use?

What kind of words do you use in expressing your displeasure about your condition? Do you think your brain will understand them correctly and help you avoid pain and create limiting behaviors. Or might your brain help you move toward accomplishment and pleasure?

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