Day of the Dragon

This paintings are inspired by photographs of Taoist Tai Chi participants practicing to march their many legged dragon in a parade. Each leg is a pole held by one person and these dragons are 25 to 50 persons long or more. Their is a leader carrying a huge pearl on top of a pole. The dragon is continually chasing the pearl. This is the “Pearl of Wisdom”. It is said that the Dragon chasing this “pearl of wisdom” represents the Dragon’s way to pursue insight and knowledge.

Are  you chasing a Pearl of Wisdom or just sitting their reading posts on the Internet?

I cannot blame you if you never see my blog as every corporation out there is outspending me to get your attention to purchase their products.

Titles for the above are:

  • 3793, Power Up Practice
  • 3794, Manipulated Black
  • 3795, Alrighty-Roo
  • 3796, Self-Fulfilling
  • 3797, Empowering Profile
  • 3798, Releasing The Overbearing

Have a great day.

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