Mystery Flows Benevolently

  • 3786, Sharp-Witted Shenanigans
  • 3787, Patience Pretended
  • 3788, Ringing Righteousness
  • 3789, Benevolently Flowing
  • 3790, Mystery Inferno
  • 3791, Long Time Leisure
  • 3792, Mature Mystery Girl

I have been impress by recent discoveries of bloggers like Steve Simpson who post daily pictures and poetry or stories. I think this is a message for me to try my hand at boring you with more prose/poetry.

The new titling scheme is a first step in creating a random story to compose.

Here the titles seem to suggest a story of :

Mature Mystery Girl Pretends Patience with

Sharp-Witted Shenanigans

Ringing Righteousness.

The Happily ever after is in the 

Benevolently Flowing Long Time Leisure.

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