Emotional Painting, Motivational Sharing

  • 3780, Central Source
  • 3781, Consistently Conscious
  • 3782, Blushing Blessings
  • 3783, Dimmed Self Limits
  • 3784, Fresh Freedom
  • 3785, Out Of Soul Alignment

One of the purposes of doing my art is for the personal emotional effect on me as I create. But one of my main goals in sharing it is to give a little motivational boost to people who can feed on it.

The colors and contrast are sort of my “style” currently and if they attract views then I want the titles to give a bit of a positive message.

I am experimenting with a way to create titles that might have a positive emotional effect on the reader/viewer. The way it currently works is I have a list of about 12000 words that I will gradually hone down to the most meaningful to me. I click on a button called “suggest” and one of those worlds is filled in for the title. I then add to that word or hit suggest again. This is a huge time saver and results so far have been at least as good as my old method of pulling a title out of the blue based on looking at the painting.

Feedback is welcomed.

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