Evolving Images Of Duality vs Oneness

  • 3753, Flu Flying
  • 3754, Flu Fusing
  • 3755, Flu Fasting
  • 3756, Flu Freezing
  • 3757, Unaware of Oneness
  • 3758, Oneness Resolving

You may assume correctly from these titles that I am just conquering the flu! These Paintings are really one evolving painting. Like a stop action shot of the creation of a painting. Today not that the flu is pretty much over the images bring to mind the duality we all live versus the oneness of everything. The concept that we are each separate is easy to grasp, but creates most of the worlds problems.

If you can, try to see beyond your separate self and see how you are connected to everything else and how everything else is connected to you. When we live selfish separate lives we become miserly, miserable and misguided. When we understand that we are a part of a much bigger all inclusive ONE. All problems start to resolve.

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