Flow Flow Flow Your Boat

A few more images from my “Flow Series” today, Friday Nov 17.. I really like the larger right painting I call “Flesh Light”. I don’t know where this stuff is flowing too, but I am ready for a change again.  I seem to create a few too many images based on the same under layer and the results look a little too similar to me. But it does give me an opportunity to keep exploring and turn out one better version.

  • 3727, Shangrala
  • 3728, Enfoldings
  • 3729, Piercing
  • 3730, Flesh Light

3 Comments Add yours

  1. They’re all good, but my fave is the one you chose as well. Maybe it’s the color harmonies and the larger area in the design that leads the eye to the star shape. Nice work.😃

    1. Thanks for the follow and feedback! You are awesome.

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