What About Those Vintage Images?

  • 3642, Bubbling Landscape
  • 3643, Evening Understanding
  • 3644, Extra Centric
  • 3645, Homeopathic Potential
  • 3646, Last Foliage
  • 3647, Early Winter
  • 3648, Energy Replenishment
  • 3649, Consolidation


Whats with those vintage feelings?

The faded colors of vintage paintings bring back memories for me of musty old attics or basements.

Today I’m attempting to re-create that decades old feeling that we get from looking at old faded photographs and paintings. In fact some of those were not faded with time but faded by the artists. What is with that? I thought my idea was original in trying to re-create that old feeling. Why would an artist paint with colors that remind you of eras gone by?

Well I guess that’s just what artist do. They some times try to create feelings and emotions in the viewer which are hard to create with words alone.

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