10 Paintings Explaining Why Communication is Difficult

  • 3632, Don’t Bug Me
  • 3633, Hash Tag Color
  • 3634, Is This Message 4 U
  • 3635, Same Love, Different Media
  • 3636, Love Poem
  • 3637, Eastern Love Message
  • 3638, Sculptured Love
  • 3639, Overwhelming Self Doubt
  • 3640, Reading Between Lines
  • 3641, Intertwining Purposes

Keys to Communication

Today’s series is an investigation into language and communication. One of the chief attributes of success in our world is our ability to communicate clearly and completely to a wide audience. But we speak from different perspectives and often fail to get our message across.

Normally we are only in direct communication with our own thoughts. Our thoughts control our feelings and we don’t have natural ability to understanding the world outside of our own mind’s perspective.

Communication is done by means of spoken words written words, pictures, written symbols, actions, body language ,  tone of voice, facial expressions (to mention a few).

We artists attempt to communicate via images. Sometimes our images are purely for the visual entertainment of the viewer. But sometimes our images are meant to evoke feelings and thoughts in the viewer. We can sometimes express a perspective that is outside the viewers normal experience level better than any arrangement of oral or written language .

Today’s images are symbols that are meaningless to you at first glance. it could just as well be words on a page which you are reading your own meaning into, or which you are able to decipher yet your associates have no idea what the words or symbols mean.

We get a mindset that we understand what is going on and that everybody else must certainly think the same way we think. But our thinking is normally restricted to our own personal experience and does a very poor job of Understanding or communicating With A wide set of humans with varying conditions , Cultures and experiences.

So the challenge I took on today but probably miss the mark is that of displaying the difficulty in understanding based on what your natural language, your experiences or your normal thinking process.

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