More Variations of My Glitter Series

Most of these glitter paintings were created in a day as they are all minor variations of the same thing. But posting them all at once would not have given them much exposure. I should posting over a week, just a couple at a time, but then I would have a large backlog of images begging to get posted. Here are their titles:

  • 3551, Splash Down
  • 3552, Focused Impact
  • 3553, Shape Identification
  • 3554, Resolving Crisis
  • 3555, Defensive
  • 3556, Over Confidence
  • 3557, Under Confidence

I am beginning to understand some more of the value in my images. I have created just over 3500 images since a year ago January. There is no practical way to keep more than about 500 of these on display and expect anyone to plow through them. So if you see one you like, you will need to purchase it within about 2-3 months to make sure it can be found and identified. After that period of time, the process of locating it will be too costly to keep the sale offer open.

I move the weekly images to my current gallery a day at a time. Then when the current gallery grows to more than 200 I move older images to my Recents gallery. When the Recents gallery grows to more than 200 images I archive the oldest images. So you can only find about the last 500 paintings at any point in time.

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