What About A Painting Excites You

I need to ask more people what types of art interests them and what is it about their favorite pieces that attracts them.

I seem to be driven by color, contrast, noise or unrest in the pieces above that I am posting today.

I like the top right and the middle right images for their color and brightness. I am not so fond or the top two on the left because they are too dark when displayed this small and their detail is hidden at this resolution. They are much better when seen full size.  The bottom left painting called “The Magician Dance” is the grandson of “The Spaghetti Slinger” that I posted a couple days ago.

These all look better in This Weeks Gallery when displayed larger. Here are the titles:

  • 3501, Insectophant Camo
  • 3502, Evening Insectophant Lair
  • 3503, River Front Spokane
  • 3504, The Magician Dance
  • 3505, Dressing Room
  • 3506, Strip Tease


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