Memories of “Nam”

  • 3359, Memory of Vietnam
  • 3360, Receeding
  • 3361, Machining
  • 3362, Global Gradient
  • 3363, Sector
  • 3364, Tri-Sector

I am not very proud of my Vietnam service record. I went where I was assigned without any political or social perspective of the situation. I felt that my assignment was too protected to put myself into the same category of vets who were more in harms way. I had no risk of dealing with agent orange or ptsd.  My riskiest times were a couple dark nights of guard duty on the perimeter of the largest Army post in country ( Long Binh) and a few helicopter rides and jeep rides to visit some outposts. But when trying to conjure up a name for the first painting above, Vietnam came to mind.

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