A Couple New Series, Mirrored and As Yet Untitled

You can probably tell the ones in blue are in the Mirrored Series. I have not yet come up with a series name for the others. Here are the titles:

  • 3337, Tunnels End
  • 3338, Dragon Pig Pile
  • 3339, Dragon Sketch
  • 3340, Become Not Afraid
  • 3341, Following The Thread
  • 3342, Holding Together
  • 3343, Hind Sight
  • 3344, Shared Experience

I don’t like the way they look in miniature. But full screen they pass my internal junk filter. You can see them full screen at www.risingrims.com if you are reading this within a week of 9/15/2017. I will move them to the Current gallery next week.

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