More on Fences And Limitations

Here are a few more Fence themed paintings  adding shadow pens and boxes in addition to linear structures. My viewpoint is that we are all limited by our experience and even more by our perspective and the particular brand of brain washing that we have been exposed to. We espouse to know that our perspective is the highest order and others should be ridiculed and converted to our belief systems. This will never help create a world that can live peacefully together. I propose that we listen with more open minds and attempt to walk a mile in the shoes of others.

I don’t like the way the color turned out in most of these. I have to be more careful at night to make sure my brightness is not automatically dimmed and color shifted.

  • 3311, Doubt
  • 3312, Reproach
  • 3313, On The Fence
  • 3314, Onward Leading
  • 3315, Wilted Hills
  • 3316, Interferrence

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