More Smoke and Fire Images


Below are the titles of todays newly posted paintings into my weekly gallery. If you pause your mouse over the image you will finally see the title there. I have figured out how to insert the titles in my work flow now and have started going back in time adding the titles to the images in my web galleries. I don’t know if I will go back and insert titles on all 3000 plus images, but so far I have labeled the last several weeks. Billings is still so smoky that our normal view for 60 miles is reduced to about 2 miles. So the theme is still pretty involved with smoke and fire.

  • 3267, Ground Zero
  • 3268, Fire Plain
  • 3269, Night Wildfire
  • 3270, Sun Obscured
  • 3271, City Obscured
  • 3272, Lost Visibility
  • 3273, Lost Streets
  • 3274, Lost Color

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