Montana Obscured By Smoke

  • 3249, Obscured
  • 3250, Obscuration
  • 3251, Hidden By Smoke
  • 3252, High Haze
  • 3253, Smoke
  • 3254, Hazily

Here are todays posted images obviously influenced by the heavy smoke in the skies of Montana these days. I heard today that Sperry Lodge in Glacier Park burned down and that MacDonald Lodge is closed due to smoke. The workshop Lisa is attending next week near Seeley Lake has backup plans as some areas near there have been evacuated due to fire.

I made some major changes to my website today.

The Today Gallery has been renamed to This Week. I will keep a rolling weeks worth of work available for you to enjoy all at once since few people have the time or interest to view the day’s work in larger views than shown above.

The Picks of Last Month Gallery now is called Best Of Month Picks and gives you access to 6 different months of about 30 paintings each that I have chosen as monthly picks.

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