A Crazy Crispy Color Collection

In order of appearance left to right, top to bottom, here are:

  • 3243, At Bat
  • 3244, Feeling Manipulated
  • 3245, Fresh Breeze
  • 3246, Sugar High
  • 3247, Too Blue
  • 3248, Rainbow Surf


Today is a Landmark Day!  Besides being the end of August, it is a day to reevaluate my direction and make some changes. I have been on a crazy path of trying too hard and ineffectively to grow an audience. I plan to reorganize my posting habits so they are less driving by a desire to keep my stream up to the minute and more driven by sharing quality posts.

Although I have not fallen for the advertisements to pay for followers, I have found out by experience that it is a game I am getting sucked into without my permission. I am constantly getting new followers from robots and thoughtlessly following them back. Then I am noticing that they unfollow me and have delivered the goods of one more thoughtless follower to their clients.

The Best of August at Rising Rims will be live by the end of the day. I have selected the best image of the day for each day of August so there are 31 images that will be in this new online image gallery. (It is the tab that says Best of Last Month).

I am playing around with my website to see if I can more easily do a weekly show rather than a daily show. This will not tend to overwhelm my followers as much, give them a manageable amount of my artwork to view at any time, and not require a daily look or daily posting by me.

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