How I Choose Titles

  1. 3195, Quilted
  2. 3196, Reverse
  3. 3197, Cross Shear
  4. 3198, Open Minded
  5. 3199, No Return
  6. 3200, Attention

The first 1 has a squared background pattern like a quilt. I think of how all the elements of a quilt have a relationship with their neighbor and find there is a parallel to this in our lives.

Number 2 has bullet shapes moving is opposite directions, so it is called reverse. I am reminded that there is always more than one direction to travel. Following the direction that the crowd takes so you can be current on every sports score and TV drama plot may not be the best use of the rest of your life.

Number 3, when seen full size reminds me of scissors or shears that are crossed and I look for how our lives are separated or sheared or broken into so many pieces.

Number 4 takes my mind to the large opening and reminds me to try and stay as open minded as I can to enjoy every possible moment of my life.

In number five I see the upside down purple triangle as a non-return or check valve which reminds me that we cannot go back, but are best served by concentrating on now.

And finally in number 6, I see and outline of a person standing at attention which reminds me to pay attention to all of the elements of life and interaction with others.

Unfortunately we were not taught how to deal with life but must discover it on our own. I like to remind myself of all the means that I have at my disposal to improve my life.

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