Bannock Day Paintings

Collage created using TurboCollage software from

Today is Bannack Day!

We are visiting a friend in Dillon this week to attend the Butte Folk Music Festival last weekend and the Bannack Day celebration this weekend. Bannack is an old gold mining town in Montana that is now a Montana State Park. My grandfather homesteaded in Grant Montana and hauled gold ore from Bannack to the railroad near Grant with his team and wagon. Farming in Grant did not have a long enough season to sustain his family.

My mom was born in Grant. The neighbor was to be the midwife, but was busy baking bread and promised to come over when the bread came out of the oven. She refused the offer of grandfather’s horse and planned to walk over.  My grandfather sent my uncle and aunt walking the two miles to tell her to hurry as the baby was coming, but ended up delivering mom.

Here are the titles of the above paintings but not in order of appearance.

2960, Acrobatics

2961, Upwardly

2962, Summer Heat

2963, Beyond

2964, Point Of Rocks

2965, Devotion

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