July 4th Slide Show

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are todays posted images in slide show format. I think I like this formate and will use it more often if it shares well to other sites.

What can I say about these? Well first of all, here are the titles. See if you can guess which title goes with which image.

2893, Super Hero

2894, Emotion Gate

2895, Exploration

2896, Quadrilateral Fleet

2897, Three Faced

2898, Gel Fish

Since today is a holiday and most will be spending more time away from social media, I will take a vacation from trying to pump more text into my imagery. The most interesting image today (to me) is called “Three Faced” is actually three copies of a face photo superimposed with some additions. I liked the color scheme and shapes.

Happy 4th of July

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