Where Do These Images Come From

I sometimes wonder along with you, “Where do these come from and what do they mean?” I can answer the where better than the what. But Why is a better question.

I just start putting down forms, shapes and strokes on the screen in front of me. I may not like what I see at the time but realizing my limitations, I am not trying to impress anyone with a great piece of artwork. I am continually trying to make the image on my screen look more pleasing to me.

I seldom delete an image, but seldom publish a first draft. Most of my images are not pleasing (to me) to begin with, so I start changing them until I feel I have succeeded in making it more pleasing to my eye. The changing often involves changing the colors, contrast, and blending with other images.

To put a meaning on any of these seems to be an artificial and fake art speak kind of thing to do, but I am interested in raising the consciousness of my viewers so sometimes I will suggest a title that has a higher meaning just to get you thinking about kindness, open mindedness, spirituality, generosity, etc.

The Why question is the easiest to answer. I want to leave a public legacy, a proof that I was here in this world and I attempted to make a difference by pursuing a path both pleasing to me and hopefully enjoyable for you.

Joel Bowers, http://www.risingrims.com

Please consider offsetting some of my expenses and getting a print of your choice by subscribing to  https://www.patreon.com/joelbowers

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