At First I Thought It Was A Stripe Out

Collage created using TurboCollage software from

Paintings Finalized & Posted June 29 2017At

My computer turns off all the blue light in the evenings until sunrise as it interferes with your sleep cycle. When I looked at these early this morning (before sunrise) I thought they were all worthless. The colors looked horrid and I was about to give them up as a total loss. Then I drank some coffee, read some and came back to some colors I can live with.

If I remember to disable the light filtering I would have know it was a screen thing to begin with.

I am trying to group things into series for eventual display in a more coherent way instead of the shot gun approach you normally see in a days work. I think most of these belong in a “Line” series or “Wrap” series where the lines appear to wrap around the otherwise line oriented image.

We had a lovely tour of Arcosanti and Sedona yesterday and I will post a bit about them next.

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