Variety, The Spice of Life


Thank goodness I am back to a little more variety today. Variety really is the spice of my life. Any routine that gets too regular just does not keep me as happy as a change.  Yesterday’s work was too much of the same or too similar for my liking. I was reluctant to post it all, but if I never post it, you would never have a chance to see it.

Being a social media artist is a delicate balance. If I post too much it fills viewers media stream too much and the unfollow or tune to a different channel. If I don’t post regularly it also sends a negative message to my followers. So I want to post enough to keep you interested, but not so much that you will tune me out. That is why I like these collage overview postings. If gives you an idea of what I am up to without bombarding you heavily with one image right after another.

Interested views can always see the full images at

I plan to post a little more later about our hot air ballon experience and Scottsdale AZ art gallery tours yesterday.

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