Exploring Blending Modes Today

These six children all have the same two parents, paintings that are stacked on top of each other, but not in the sexual way you might imagine. Most digital drawing/painting applications have a layer option that allows you to place different images on each layer. Here each layer contains a painting that may also have previously included many layers.With layers you can vary the opacity and blend mode of each layer in most drawing/painting applications. The most capable blending application that I have is Affinity Designer. It has more modes and displays them on the fly compared to other apps that make you click and wait for the change to be displayed.The names of these images (not in order) are Blow Your Own Horn, Worn But Wise, Uplift Others to Uplift Yourself, Shine Your Light, Taking The Fork, Overstimulation, Making Good Choices, and Avoid Sketchy Results. You may be able to guess a few that match.The full images are available until they are replaced by tomorrows images at https://risingrims.smugmug.com/Today/

Source: Exploring Blending Modes Today

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