Low Fat with Natural Flavors (Warning Don’t Eat)

This is #1951 which I was going to call China Town. But I am changing it to “Low Fat with Natural Flavors”. It seems to scream WARNING which I hope you will hear when you read those words on a food label.I am reading a book by Brad Lemley, The Secrets of Underground Medicine. It seems to be a compilation of a lot of his news letter articles. He is a food and health writer and does a lot of reading of food science and scientific studies. I am amazed at the stuff that I never read or thought about before. Basically, if you eat non-fat manufactured food with natural flavors you are helping the food industry bottom line and most likely harming your health. No study has ever proven that diet soda will help you loose weight.Evidently removing the calories and sugar from a product requires adding Natural Flavors so you will find it pleasing to taste (but most likely adverse to your good health) When the body tastes even artificial sweeteners it expects to get a load of calories very soon. When those calories do not appear, you are left with worse calorie cravings than if you had avoided the “diet” product.Watch out for “Natural Flavors” added. All kinds of nasty substances can be hidden there avoiding requirements to list ingredients. The Flavor industry has become particularly skilled at making you crave more of a specific product so you will keep buying it. But most likely it is not good for your health. Most of us have experienced eating a whole bag of Potato Chips. Unhealthy fats used for deep frying are extremely bad for you while wholesome fats in grass fed meats and butter can be very good for your health. Research it yourself a little.

Source: Low Fat with Natural Flavors (Warning Don’t Eat)

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